Portfolio management in this dynamic market has become a laborious work for a individual person or a company. For fruitful investment, one has to go through the analysis of following tons of financial data and market information regularly. To relieve one from this continuous process, we are here with, our own discretionary portfolio management service wholly designed for one’s investment requirement.

Cornerstone of Discretionary Portfolio

  • All the market related data and information will be closely monitored on one’s behalf
  • Dedicated investment managers will look after investor’s portfolio with their best efforts.
  • Investment policy will be specially designed to attain individual goals and objectives.
  • Appropriate securities will be identified according to investor’s needs
  • Re-balancing of portfolio will be done according to market scenario and future predication​
  • Growing funds for future capital expansion & future working capital needs
  • Taking tax benefits through capital market investments
  • Diversifying investments of foreign companies through capital market of Bangladesh