Janata Capital and Investment Limited (JCIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Janata Bank PLC, the 2nd largest state-owned commercial bank in the country. JCIL received its merchant bank license from Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) to act as a full-fledged merchant bank to carry out merchant banking operations under the BSEC (Merchant Banker and Portfolio Manager) Regulations, 1996. It started its journey towards excellence on September 26, 2010. JCIL has a Board of Directors consisting of 7 (Seven) members who have expertise in the capital market as well as other financial market arena. All the Directors except the Chief Executive of JCIL are non-executive and independent Directors nominated by the holding company, Janata Bank PLC

JCIL has the following distinctive advantages in carrying out its merchant banking operations:

1. Adequate capital base

2.  Favourable environment for investment

3. Investment professionals with knowledge and efficiency z   Excellent client   service

4. Dedicated service for the NRBs, foreign investors as well as female investors.