Overview of Janata Capital and Investment Limited

Janata Capital and Investment Limited (JCIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Janata Bank Limited. JCIL obtained license from the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) to act as a full fledged Merchant Bank to carry out all the Merchant Banking operations under the BSEC (Merchant Banker and Portfolio Manager) regulations, 1996 and started its journey on 26 September 2010. The Company has a separate Board of Directors consisting of 13 (thirteen) members. Other than Chief Executive (CE), all the Directors are non-executive and independent, 6 (six) of whom are nominated by JBL and the other six are nominated from the private sector by the holding company, Janata Bank Limited.

JCIL has the following unique advantages to carry out its merchant banking operation:
  • Adequate Capital base.
  • Excellent working environment.
  • Adequate experts and professionals.
  • Large number of skilled manpower.
  • Adequate infrastructure and logistic support with up to date computerized facilities.
  •   Advantages for attracting foreign portfolio investors with the help of NRB branch of Janata Bank Limited which has been opened to provide exclusive service to NRBs.


To become the effective largest merchant bank in Bangladesh to support the development of capital market by providing innovative and quality services, attain highest level of professionalism and ensure optimum corporate governance practices. 

Maintaining stable growth strategy of Shareholders equity, becoming fully automated and effective merchant bank with the help of up-to-date technologies and providing innovative and quality services, mobilizing savings of small and medium level investors and thus accelerating the growth of industrialization as well as the growth of national economy.

Merchant Banking Services

• Underwriting
• Issue Management
• Portfolio Management
• Margin Loan Facilities
• Corporate advisory services

Strategic Objectives

• Create synergy by combining high quality and strategically balanced portfolios.
• Provide a range of financial products and services to our customers.
• Strengthening our position in capital market operation.
• Maximize corporate value through sustained high quality growth.
• Strengthening corporate governance practices.

Core Values

• JCIL always gives its first priority to the national interest. Highest importance is always attached to country's growth and prosperity.
• JCIL employees are trained with the object of becoming good leaders rather than good managers.
• It places emphasis on creativity and innovation to achieve organizational excellence.
• The Company believes in adherence to the highest ethical standards.
• JCIL complies with the highest standard of accountability in the conduct of its operations and in making investment decisions.