Issue Management of Janata Capital and Investment Limited

Issue Management is one of the core functions of a Merchant Bank. JCIL is acting as Issue Manager and providing consultation service to companies intending to raise its capital through private placement, IPO, Right Issue, Preference Share etc. In 2013 JCIL has submitted prospectus with document named Mymco Jute Mills Composite Ltd to Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC). JCIL also provided service for capital raising of one company named Mymco Jute Mills (Composite) Ltd. The IPO proposal of Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited (RSRM) has been submitted to Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) which is under active consideration for approval.
In 2013 JCIL successfully completed issue management activities of 2 (two) companies namely  Central Pharmaceutical Ltd. and another Bangladesh Building System Ltd. (BBS). The size of public offering of Central Pharmaceutical Ltd was Tk. 14.00 crore against which subscription of Tk.630.00 crore was received which is 45 times higher than Public offering. As against the public offering of Bangladesh Building System Ltd. (BBS) of Tk. 14.00 crore against which an amount of subscription Tk.644.00 crore which was 46  time higher the amount offered for public subscription. Because of utmost and vigorous efforts, all the post IPO activities relating to public issue of their above noted companies were completed smoothly within stimulated time set forth of the regulator.

The following table shows the picture of Issue Management related activities:-

  Name of the company Issue size Issue type Status
01 Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills  Ltd. 100.00 crore IPO Review Process completed and awaiting for approval
02 Mymco Jute & Composite Ltd 12.00 crore IPO Prospectus submitted to BSEC for approval